Strata schemes are effectively small communities where the activities and attitudes of residents can have a significant impact on the satisfaction and enjoyment of others. It’s important to be aware of your responsibilities and obligations when you own or live in a strata unit.


While apartment living can provide a friendly community style environment, it helps to remember that it’s not the same as living in a free-standing house. Some activities may be more restricted in a strata scheme, for example, where you can park your car, hang your washing or when and how you can renovate. Understanding these differences before buying or moving into a strata scheme can help reduce the likelihood of disputes arising later on.


Living in a strata scheme:


- you own your unit as well as sharing ownership and responsibility for ‘common property’


- if you own your unit, you are automatically a member of the ‘owners corporation’ which has responsibility for common property


- every 3 months you have to contribute to the cost of running the building through paying quarterly levies


- you also have to pay into a capital works fund for future long term expenses such as painting hallways or replacement of windows


- there will be lifestyle restrictions that are different to living in a free-standing house, for example rules and by-laws that may affect you doing renovations to your unit, that state where you can and cannot park your car, where you can dry washing, or whether or not you can keep pets


    Hanging washing, clothing, or articles of any kind on any part of the strata scheme that is visible from the outside of the building is not permitted. Storage of goods on the balcony is also not appropriate, especially if the goods are considered a fire risk. Pot plants or other objects are not to be placed on balcony ledges as this could cause injury to people below.


    Most apartments enjoy the use of a private car space in the car park.


    Each car space is private property and parking in another car space is trespassing on the private property of a neighbour.


    If there is someone else’s vehicle parked in your car space, contact the Administration Office to see if the offending vehicle is on the Rhodes House resident registration list. If it is, the Building Manager will be able to contact the vehicle owner and ask them to move the vehicle.


    Car spaces are solely for the purpose of parking a vehicle. It is not to be used as a general storage area. No flammable liquids or dangerous goods are allowed to be stored in car spaces.


    Car Park Gates


    Items must not be placed in front of the car park gate sensors to keep them open as this compromises the security of the building and puts all residents at risk.


    If the car park gates are not functioning for any reason, notify the Administration Office.


    Residents should not open the entrance door to their apartment when they are cooking. Under some circumstances this may create a fire alarm trip resulting in the attendance of Fire & Rescue NSW. Each apartment is fitted with smoke and heat sensing devices, which are very sensitive. Steam or smoke will cause the alarm to activate and Fire & Rescue NSW respond to ALL alarms. The necessary call-out fee levied by Fire & Rescue NSW will be passed to the owners of the offending apartment.


    All residents should notify the Administration Office in advance of any deliveries that are anticipated, especially those deliveries that may require use of the goods lift at the western end of the building.


    Residents should also advise couriers that delivery of goods will not be allowed through the Missenden Road entrance to the building.


    All deliveries (with the exception of ordinary postal articles and envelopes) must be via the visitors' car park entrance at Brodrick Street.


    If there is no electricity in an individual apartment:


    - check power board in apartment and ensure that circuit breakers have not been tripped


    - call your electricity retailer to ensure you have supply


    - call the Building Manager to contact the building’s electricity company


    Annual Fire Safety Certification


    Inspection of the building is required by Fire Safety Inspectors on a bi-annual basis to comply with Fire Safety Measures and Standards. The inspection will covers the fire doors, hydrants, extinguishers, hose reels, smoke detectors and heat sensors in the common areas, as well as smoke detectors and heat sensors, entrance doors, smoke seals, door locks, and closers to each apartment. Notices will be sent out prior to the inspection requesting your cooperation with access to your apartment. It is a requirement that all apartments are inspected.


    Emergency Evacuation


    In the event of a fire within an apartment call 000 (Triple Zero) immediately.


    From time to time fire alarms and evacuation messages may sound throughout the building. Whether you believe this to be a real or false alarm for your personal safety you must follow the evacuation instructions using your nearest fire escape exit.


    Listen for the first 'warning' alarm tone and be prepared to evacuate. On the second 'evacuation' alarm tone, listen for instructions, evacuate via the fire exit stairwell closest to your apartment and assemble outside the main building entrance on Missenden Road and wait for further instruction from Fire & Rescue NSW.


    Do not use the lifts!


    On each level, there is a garbage room to dispose of general household waste and recycling at the western end of the building.


    The garbage chute is designed for small quantities of securely wrapped kitchen waste. Please do not place large items or loose items in the garbage chute. Cardboard and pizza boxes are not to be placed in the chute as they cause blockages which affects all residents and are very difficult to remove. Large bags of waste should be taken to the bins (red lids) located in the visitors’ car park.


    Recycling bins (yellow lids) are provided for any items that can be recycled. Please refer to the chart above the bins for what you can/cannot recycle. A large recycling bin is also available in the visitors' car park for flattened cardboard boxes.


    Large household items such as whitegoods and furniture can be arranged to be picked up by City of Sydney Council. The Administration Office must be advised by the end of the week for a collection the following week, as this needs to be communicated to Council with a description of the items to be collected. Such items are to remain within the apartment until the day before collection.


    City of Sydney Council also provide an e-waste drop-off service for old electronic equipment. Details can be found on their website:


    Each apartment is fitted with an audio intercom that answers calls from the main entrance on Missenden Road and the two car park entrances on Brodrick Street.


    There is a preset time of 3 minutes allowed between the lift access button being pressed from an apartment and the visitor pressing a floor access button in the lift. This time should be sufficient for a visitor to walk through the foyer, call a lift, wait for its arrival, and press your floor access button.


    If you have any problems with your intercom operation, contact the Administration Office.


    If the lift is stuck while you’re inside, press the call button to speak to the Lift Operator to find a solution. If you cannot get through for any reason and you have your mobile phone with you, call the Building Manager to contact the Lift Operator.

  • MAIL

    Mail boxes for all apartments are located at the eastern end of the mezzanine level car park and must be properly maintained and locked at all times.


    If you receive junk mail in your mailbox and do not require it, then dispose of it responsibly in the recycling bins located next to the mailboxes. Do not leave any junk mail on top of the mailboxes.


    If you receive incorrectly addressed mail in your mailbox, then mark the mail as “Not known at this address - Return to Sender” and place it in a red Australia Post street mailbox. Do not leave any incorrectly addressed mail on top of the mailboxes, as Australia Post will not collect this mail for return.


    Please contact the Administration Office at least 48 hours before moving in or out for information and/or assistance regarding access.


    The main entrance to the building at Missenden Road is not to be used for large deliveries under any circumstances. All large deliveries and moving of furniture are to be carried out via the goods lift at the western end of the building, which can be accessed through the visitors' car park. The maximum height of entry through the Brodrick Street gate is 1.7 metres.


    Do not lean any heavy objects on walls or mirrors. Do not leave any unwanted furniture in public areas or anywhere at the rear of the property. Please clean up any spillages, mess or rubbish left behind after your move.


    An owner or occupier of any lot must not create any noise that is likely to interfere with the peaceful enjoyment of the owner/occupier of another lot or of any person lawfully using common property.


    Please also refer to the EPA website for residential noise restrictions:

  • PETS

    We know that pets can help strata communities and individuals get to know others in the building and local neighbourhood and can be valuable in creating a strong sense of community.


    Rhodes House is a pet friendly building. However, formal approval must be obtained from the Owners Corporation before a small pet is allowed.


    By-laws cover the requirements of keeping pets. Pets will be allowed on the following basis:


    - a veterinary certificate is required showing that all inoculations/immunisations have been carried out, that the animal is suitable for the environment in which it is to be kept and maintained, and that the owners are adequately in control of the animal and considered to be reputable owners

    - legal action can be taken against owners for their pets' excessive noise or unacceptable behaviours

    - animals must be carried throughout ALL common areas including the car park

    - keep the animal leashed and under control at all times when on common property

    - ensure that all excrement and other soiling, whether in the unit or on common property, is immediately removed and disposed of appropriately

    - ensure that the animal does not disturb other owners or residents

    - ensure that the animal does not wander on to another unit or on the common property

    - ensure that dogs and cats are registered with City of Sydney Council



    Any renovations or building works to your apartment will not be permitted unless prior approval has been given by the Strata Committee. Information and specific application forms can be obtained from the Administration Office. This will ensure that any work carried out does not contravene statutory Building Codes or infrastructure compliance.


    For repairs to rental properties, contact your managing property agent.


    If you do have some work being carried out on your apartment and the trades person requires access, it is imperative that you check with the Administration Office before you allow them access to the building. All contractors must sign in to the Work, Health, and Safety Register prior to commencement of any work.


    To manage the building smoothly and effectively it is important we have contact details for all residents. This information will assist us to contact you in the case of any emergency and also to validate the security access cards that you will need to access the building and lifts.


    Details on how to register can be obtained from the Administration Office and needs to be completed and returned within one week of moving in.


    Living in a densely populated area, there is the potential to suffer from theft and antisocial behaviours. It’s up to all of us as a community to be vigilant in keeping our personal property, friends and loved ones safe.


    A continuous CCTV surveillance system has been installed throughout Rhodes House to help manage the security of the building entries, walkways, and other vulnerable areas.


    Security swipe cards are provided to restrict access to the building as an additional security measure.


    Do not let unauthorised people into the building through either the front door at Missenden Road or by the car park gates at Brodrick Street. If you suspect that someone is loitering in the building please contact the Administration Office or Newtown Police on (02) 9550 8199.


    Please take care and exercise vigilance when accessing the fire doors and security doors. These doors must not be propped open or tampered with at any time. Please ensure the doors close properly after you have passed through. It is against the fire provisions of the Building Code to interfere in any way with fire doors. It is also recommended that you ensure the deadlock latch on your apartment door is engaged and your balcony is kept closed and locked when you are not in your apartment.


    The posting of signs and/or notices on or around the building and in the lifts is not permitted without permission of the Owners Corporation.


    There is a signboard located outside the Administration Office which may be used for this purpose.


    Rhodes House is a smoke free building.


    Residents should respect the rights of others by not smoking on ALL common property including balconies.


    It should be noted that smoking inside your apartment does carry the risk of triggering the smoke alarm. If this occurs, the necessary call-out fee levied by Fire & Rescue NSW will be passed to the owners of the offending apartment.


    Firstly, engage your telephone and/or internet provider of your choice and sign all necessary contracts. If the telecommunications service provider requires access to the main switchboard, please contact the Administration Office for access.


    Fibre-to-the-building internet is available through TPG.  Details can be found here:


    If the toilet in your apartment is not working, please contact the Administration Office.


    If the TV reception is not working in your apartment, check that all TV connections are in place and cables are in good working order. If the problem has not been resolved, please contact the Administration Office.


    In accordance with regulations laid down by the City of Sydney Council, washing motor vehicles and motorbikes on the premises is not permitted. Fire hoses are not to be used for this purpose. Offenders will be charged the fee levied by Fire & Rescue NSW for the misuse of fire fighting equipment.


    If there is no water flowing from the taps, please contact the Administration Office.